Do You Have Hidden Talent?

08 Aug Do You Have Hidden Talent?

You might be surprised how many people and even leaders are unclear about their best talents. There is a clear, fast and accurate way to discover your hidden or best talents to a nuanced level. We have helped clients with life changing success. In fact, I just checked in with one of those individuals after more than 16 years of no contact. Becky’s story, relayed below, is why we do what we do. It is also why we have just piloted “Vets Coaching Vets” to help Veterans quickly assimilate and get onto their own best career and educational paths. For the full details on how to find and develop “hidden talent” see the complete article for free here.

Becky’s Success:

One of the people who went through the assessment redeploy project and the the IS Boot Camp (in 2000) training taught by Stonebridge Technologies described her experience then:

“This was personally the best thing I have ever done. Ever since that day I entered the program my life has changed for the better. Formerly, I was an Administrative Assistant in Salt Lake City and felt stymied in that role. I was relocated to Tulsa for this new opportunity as a Systems Analyst after completing Boot Camp training. From a professional standpoint, it has been really exciting because I am now working on a large companywide project, developing systems from the ground up. Also, the most impressive part of the redeploy selection process itself was the coaching feedback I received with my assessment results. It is something I recommend to everyone. I feel extremely fortunate that I was part of this initial group.”
Becky Warbarg, Systems Analyst

Going full circle after more than 16 years, today while writing this (the article at our website), I checked Becky’s LinkedIn profile and I was thrilled to say the least. Since the many years when Becky’s hidden IS talents were first “discovered” and she was given this boot camp training opportunity and was promoted out of an administrative role, her career has soared within the IS field and leadership ranks. I sent her a message and she responded with:

Your message made my day! It’s so wonderful to hear from you!! I have often thought of your organization’s part in my career and the life-changing opportunity that was provided for me some time ago now.

It’s a thrill to finally connect again (July 2016) and I am so glad you reached out! In fact, I kept the company newsletter about our Boot Camp and every few years I have unpacked it in my belongings and reflected on the experience. Thank goodness that social media enabled us to reconnect…

Often I have mentioned the personality assessment that was conducted by your team and how I was told that I was a “perfect match” for the position. In fact, it makes me giggle a little now when I realize the somewhat stereotypical nature of a software professional’s personality. As I reflect, I definitely had/have that side of me. However, during these decades I have also come to realize that I have a bit of gift when it comes to bridging those who are technical with the business people which has served me well in multiple roles in my career.

There aren’t enough words to express how touched I am by your support and continued interest. Yes, the value of your work has impacted my life tremendously in such a positive way. When I applied for the program, I was thrilled at the prospect but honestly questioned whether I would be a good match, and then your assessments boosted my confidence so much.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!