Author: Nancy Parsons

26 Jan How Conflict & Adversity Can Detract from Your Leader Voice

Part 3 of Featured Blog Series: "Improving Your Leader Voice" How Conflict & Adversity Can Detract from Your Leader Voice Under conflict and pressure your normal strengths in communication may disappear, overtaken by an ineffective coping response.  Despite your best intentions, the more emotionally reactive you become when...

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false advocates

18 Nov The Five Faces of a “False Advocate”

Of the eleven inherent leader Risks that we measure, False Advocate is the toughest for people to deal with or to openly acknowledge. In fact, I continue to have executive coaches tell me that they think that this term is too harsh and overly negative. I...

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18 Jul Action Plan Ideas to Improve Your Leader Voice

Part 2 Blog Series of "The 8 Nuances of An Effective Leader Voice" All Eyes on You and  Natural Charm & Witt Let’s say you are quite comfortable being in the limelight and presenting, but you tend to be rather dry, direct and a deliverer-of-the-facts-only kind of presenter.  Many...

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08 Jun College & Major Mistakes

Today, while I was instructing a webinar for executive coaches on Career Coaching with CDR Assessments (for Vets Coaching Vets), I had an epiphany about college bound students. Over the nearly two decades of our business, from time to time, I have debriefed assessments for...

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20 May 8 Nuances of an Effective Leader Voice

IMPROVING YOUR LEADER VOICE   By Nancy E. Parsons President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.   A Three-Part Blog Series   Blogger’s comment:  In our executive coaching, assessment and leadership development practice, the number one developmental need for most executives and leaders is to enhance their “Leader Voice.”  This 3-part blog post is...

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10 Mar Response to: “Why Every Politician + Doctor Needs a Life Coach”

Original Post on LinkedIn by: Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, CPE, Creator of Health-centric Model™, Strategist, Health Activist and Innovative non-conformer… Response by:        Nancy E. Parsons With respect to Politicians: Frankly, I don’t think a “life coach” would be helpful with politicians who are extreme narcissists (or “Egotists”).  By the nature...

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