Developing high-talent leaders and teams requires accurate, concrete, and business-oriented information about each individual’s differences: character, acumen, inherent risk factors, and motivational drivers. The CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® provides unique insight into a leader’s key strengths and development needs in the areas of:

Our approach to executive coaching is exclusive :

The CDR 3-D Suite provides specific, tangible performance and development suggestions for leaders in complex or demanding businesses. The CDR 3-D Suite is available in: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Administration is easy and turn-around time is typically within 24 hours for full interpretive reports. These tools are scientifically valid, accurate, uniquely comprehensive, EEO neutral (having no adverse impact), and are linked to job performance. Because of the strict validity standards of these coaching tools, they can also be used for: succession planning, staffing decisions, team selection, strategic team alignment & building, recognition & rewards design, and more.


Drivers & Rewards