CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite®

Developing high-talent leaders and teams requires accurate, concrete, and business-oriented information about each individual’s differences: character, acumen, inherent risk factors and motivational drivers. The CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® provides unique insight into a leader’s key strengths and development needs.

  • Velocity — Clients report shaving 1.5 to 2 years off of the normal development cycle time. Fast forward development by immediately showing a clear-cut path to best leverage strengths, plan for development, and to neutralize risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Accuracy & Scope — No other tool comes close to specifically pinpointing the individual traits that define performance strengths, talents, gaps, risks, and motivation.

  • Measurable Results — The CDR 3-D Suite was developed by correlating results to actual performance data. ROI is easily determined by capturing pre- and post-use performance to confirm bottom line benefits.

  • Multiple Applications — Results can also be used for succession planning, screening, custom training, team development, and more — making CDR tools an exceptional value.

  • The Science — These tools are scientifically valid, EEO neutral (having no adverse impact by gender and race), and linked to job performance.

  • No Spin — The results are straight forward, hard hitting, and accurate. There is no sugar coating or clever language to disguise the results.

  • Service & Know-How — We help clients use the tools for best practice solutions. Certification and training is available.

360° Leader Scan™

CDR’s online 360° Leader Scan™ is a robust tool that is ideally designed to focus on competencies imperative for today’s leaders. This exceptional tool has a precise combination of narrative and statistical data to provide straight-forward results for managers to begin developing impactful action plans. The 360° Leader Scan™ features over 80 detailed items within 12 distinctive leader competency categories. Narrative feedback is also collected from all input providers for 15 leader performance and development perspectives. The 360° results are designed to link to the CDR 3-D Suite data, particularly the CDR Risk Assessment Scales.