Talent Management

At CDR-TM we strategically improve business value by identifying, managing, and maintaining truly talented employees. By using the CDR 3-D tool we can equip your company with a talent management strategy which will enhance your bottom line. Through higher performance, increased productivity, and improved quality our clients see a clear decrease in cost, absenteeism, and cycle time resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Our talent management services include assessment screening & interviewing guides, selection, as well as succession planning, and potential leadership development. CDR 3-D Suite helps companies identify the most qualified employees for their organization and helps retain and grow their best talent.

Selection Screening

CDR-TM uses our assessments to measure and determine if job applicants have the innate characteristics it takes to make a successful employee in specific positions. Unlike many style inventories or tests in the marketplace, our proprietary tools are validated based on actual job performance to ensure the highest level for selection screening. The hiring success in using this tool far exceeds scanning resumes and conducting interviews. It can easily be incorporated into your current hiring process.

Interview Questions

Based on each applicant’s assessment results, CDR-TM can provide your hiring managers with interview questions that will specifically address and deepen the understanding of how that person’s characteristics may manifest in different roles. CDR-TM offers an extensive library of questions for high and low scores, even addressing all subscales.

Succession Planning

Using our assessment tools, CDR-TM provides a systemic approach to talent identification and development for succession planning. Our services assure continuity for sustained future performance success. We help clients create a framework and process to identify and develop talent from within to enhance best-fit placement, retention, loyalty and competitive position.

Executive Team Performance Forecast™

This exciting proprietary process accurately predicts whether or not your executive team has what it takes to execute business strategy effectively. This process can help your organization navigate to unrivaled success while minimizing the potential for wandering off course or for underachieving. We examine the alignment and balance of teams by analyzing individual member profiles and essential competencies to reach business goals. This can also be a valuable service for venture capitalists, equity fund managers, and for the D&O Insurance providers.

Human Capital & Leadership Capability Research

CDR exclusively offers a proprietary methodology that delivers accurate answers to critical human capital management and talent development questions. This unparalleled comprehensive research approach provides an objective way to analyze human capital to get a clear reading about :

  • Talent capacity (leadership, technical, operational, strategic, etc.)
  • Lopsidedness, potential blind spots, and talent gaps or deficiencies
  • Performance potential, inherent risk factors that could impede performance
  • Culture distinctions