About The Company

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. is a globally recognized leadership development, assessment and talent management firm. We lead the way with exceptional products, coaching, consulting, training solutions, and research. CDR Assessment Group digs deeper than others to reveal one’s true talent. From executive coaching to employee selection, we provide services that wrap around all areas of human performance. Our unique tools and distinctive coaching services are designed with the foremost psychological insights and applied business know-how.

CDR improves your business results by strengthening your leadership capability, by equipping your leaders to make better hiring and succession decisions, and by enabling you to align talent with business strategy. You will see a positive impact to your bottom line by improving working relationships and communications, enhancing leadership and team effectiveness, and by producing and sustaining superior performance results.

What sets us apart from other assessment and consulting service providers?

Clarity and Self Awareness Unlike Any Past Feedback
Leadership development and talent assessments are plentiful in the marketplace. Unfortunately, many are full of spin, happy face feedback, or vague results. That is not the case with our assessments. In fact, the WALL STREET JOURNAL verified our premier tool’s veracity, the CDR 3-D Suite.

If you seek an accurate, straightforward, and thorough instrument that is ideally used for coaching (and a variety of other talent development applications) — then you have reached your web search destination!

We provide invigorating, eye-opening coaching feedback and leadership development designs that dig deeper, beyond traditional methods, to get at what matters most about being the best. Feedback is not soft-pedaled or generic; rather, it is on point, truthful and constructive.

We fast-forward the coaching and development so that leaders do not waste precious time, energy or funds trying to develop in broad, generic or non-productive ways. In fact, in just one coaching feedback session, most leaders are ready to begin formulating accurate action plans for development.

The CDR 3-D Suite is “Swiss Army Knife” of the Assessment World
Once an individual takes the CDR 3-D Suite, the data can be used for many talent development and talent management initiatives – without ever needing to retest. (See image bellow). So, if CDR Assessments are used for selection screening and onboarding a new employee, you can then use the results again for the span of the employee’s career. These are lifelong tools for individual development, growth, team building, understanding talent capability, succession planning, navigating best career paths, and to maximize personal fulfillment and retention.

Our Boutique Service Approach
We serve our customers with the utmost care and personal attention. Clients talk to experts, not to sales representatives or grad school rookies when it comes to our tools. We provide flexible, cost-effective services. We welcome opportunities to brainstorm, analyze together and to partner with clients for the best outcomes. Our clients say it best…