By Nancy E. Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group

You might be surprised how many people and even leaders are unclear about their best talents. After high school, many go to college, some go to work or vocational training, others go to the military, some become young parents and others may wander directionless. We all make career and life choices. However, the decisions we make early on, and as we go through life, are most often made without objective or accurate data. In turn, lots of the selections made are off the mark or fail to tap into what is best about us.

During your teen years, perhaps someone noticed certain strengths or gifts that you had. A teacher, parent or role model noticed and positively endorsed your achievement. Or, you received an excellent grade or some sort of encouraging reinforcement for an effort well done. We naturally pursue work aligning with our perceived strengths or based on the rewards we enjoy. [read more]