When I am presenting to MBA students or to Veterans on how to find their best-fit career or educational path, I tell them to focus on three things:

  1. Find your true strengths to a very deep, accurate, and nuanced level.
  2. Gain a clear insight on your intrinsic motivations – on those things that energize and make you feel rewarded and enriched. In short, these are the things you love.
  3. Manage your risk factors to avoid derailing your success.

Find Your Strengths. Understand Your Motivations.

When you understand what you’re gifted at, find specific roles where the competencies required match your natural talents. Then find those jobs that makes your heart sing. Seriously, be sure the work and culture are something that you will find uplifting and rewarding. These are the two most important things to do to get your career on the right track. One without the other does not work. If you are great at something but hate it or find it tedious, you won’t stay. If you’re passionate about something but you’re not good at it, that won’t work either. So, two things are a must – you need to work towards your strengths and your heart.

Manage Your Risks

Last, so that your career stays on track, you also need to know your personality-based risk factors. These ineffective coping behaviors can throw even the most promising career off track. Everyone has risk factors! They tend to show up when you are facing adversity, stress, conflict, or when you’re simply not on your game. We measure eleven* of these risk factors and most people have several. Once you know what specific risks you have, you can develop tactics and thoughtful approaches to prevent them from interfering with your performance, relationships, and success.

*Eleven CDR Risk Factors:  False Advocate, Worrier, Rule Breaker, Cynic, Egotist, Pleaser, Perfectionist, Hyper-Moody, Upstager, Detached and Eccentric

Interview on Cultivating Strengths

Last week, I was interviewed by Laura Rubinstein of Women Speakers Association for their Facebook live show, WSA TV, on this same topic. I happily shared how our assessments and coaching methods help individuals hone in on their unique strengths, and plan out a best-fit career path. You can watch the replay of my interview here. Hope you enjoy!