The essential component to effective talent growth and management

The CDR 3-D Suite provides specific, tangible performance and development suggestions for leaders in complex or demanding businesses. Our rigorously validated tool reveals clear and candid insight for each individual in the areas of:


leader acumen, strengths, best-fit role, and emotional intelligence


motivation, values, and aversions


impede effectiveness, damage relationships, and can lead to derailment


leader acumen, strengths, best-fit role and emotional intelligence

Character Assessment

The Leadership Character Assessment reveals a verbal portrait of an individual’s personality or unique “character” distinctions. This robust, insightful report includes 7 primary scales and 42 subscales, all of which are occupationally normed.

The Leadership Character Assessment provides a detailed, meaningful look at each individual’s unique “sub-scale” variations and provides valuable performance behavior feedback not available elsewhere.


Self assured, steady under pressure, relaxed vs. Self-evaluative, edgy, intense performer

Leadership Energy

Take charge, upward mobility driven vs. An individual contributor, modest


Extraverted, socially energized vs. Socially remote, reserved, an avid listener

Interpersonal Sensitivity

Warm, caring, sensitive to other’s needs vs. Task focused, hard-nosed, direct


Dependable, self-controlled, conscientious vs. Risk taking, adaptable, not detailed


Adventurous, curious, imaginative vs. Practical, process focused, methodical

Learning Approach

Academically inclined, achievement driven vs. Content learning with “hands on” approach

Our versatile assessment suite includes the following benefits


The CDR 3-D Suite is available in: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Highly Versatile

Because of the strict validity standards of these coaching tools, they can also be used for: succession planning, staffing decisions, team selection, strategic team alignment and building, recognition and rewards design, and more.

Scientifically Valid

Our tools are scientifically valid, accurate, uniquely comprehensive, EEO neutral (having no adverse impact), and are linked to job performance.

Fast Turnaround Time

Administration is easy and turnaround time is typically within 24 hours for full interpretive reports.

Drivers & Rewards Assessment

The Drivers & Rewards Assessment defines and measures ten primary personal motivators and provides important information about job function and work environment fit. This assessment is a great tool for describing team and organizational culture and for assessing the types of tasks for which a leader or team of leaders is best suited. Drivers & Rewards scales measure degree of need for or interest in:

  • Fame & Feedback
  • Power & Competition
  • Amusement & Hedonism
  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • Companionship & Affiliation
  • Moral Platform
  • Safety & Security
  • Business & Finance
  • Artistic Endeavors
  • Scientific Reasoning


motivation, values and aversions


that impede effectiveness, damage relationships and can lead to derailment

Risk Assessment

The CDR Risk Assessment report provides developmental feedback focusing on eleven risk factors that, left unacknowledged, can potentially end or have a substantial negative impact on leadership success. This information is intended to support leadership development activities and to help you improve the ability to focus on characteristics that often limit career success.

  • False Advocate
  • Worrier
  • Cynic
  • Rule Breaker
  • Perfectionist
  • Egotist
  • Pleaser
  • Hyper-Moody
  • Detached
  • Upstager
  • Eccentric

The CDR Leadership Risk & Derailers Assessment report links the above factors to eight universal “Leadership Derailers” encompassing: