I came across this question on LinkedIn, “Would you hire someone without a college degree?” You’ll find my response below.

Absolutely. College degree’s are NOT the most important factor at all for performance success. In fact, we helped a client with a redeployment and boot camp initiative where individuals who passed the assessment screening were sent to boot camp to be trained as IS professionals. Most did not have college degrees and were stuck or dead ended in their careers due to socioeconomic backgrounds.

All candidates who were screened in via the assessments passed the boot camp training and become successful professionals. In fact, the instructor said “a number of the assessed participants were at a better skill level and showed more potential and promise than many of the IS college grads he has worked with.” The bootcamp was taught by Stonebridge Technologies at the Texas Instruments facilities.

When people are placed in jobs that they are well suited to perform because of a good fit with personality characteristics and motivational needs, they perform best. When jobs are a poor match for one’s personality and motivational disposition, these roles tend to be highly stressful, disappointing, and performance success suffers regardless of the “degree” or educational background.