Announcing a new retreat, exclusively for women leaders! The Women’s Leadership Retreat will take place at the Canebrake Spa and Resort on August 20-21, 2014.

Experts from CDR Assessment Group and The Alexcel Group are offering this powerful and unmatched leadership development experience for women only. This is no ordinary or generic event! If you are ready for a life changing experience to hone in on your leadership strengths, emotional intelligence, personal needs, and risk factors, then this is a must-attend for you! In-depth assessments, one-to-one coaching sessions (pre and post workshop), and personal action plan development are all included in this two-day workshop.

This retreat is custom designed to

  • Enhance your confidence and leadership presence
  • Explore and re-kindle your strengths and motivations
  • Bolster your authentic leadership acumen
  • Identify your “secret sauce” for exceptional leadership
  • Learn to neutralize risk factors that can derail your success
  • Enhance your influence in male dominated cultures
  • Build your confidence to ask the tough questions
  • Prepare you to deal with conflict more effectively
  • Improve the balance between your professional and personal life
  • Develop and sustain strategies for ongoing learning and growth

We encourage participants to arrive a day early, or stay an extra day, to enjoy the fabulous spa amenities at the Canebrake! Special spa discounts are available for retreat participants.

Enrollment is limited to 24 participants. The assessment, coaching, and development process begins as soon as you register… so don’t delay!

Contact us to register and for more information.