By Nancy Parsons

Executive coaches and consultants are inundated with invitations to a wide range of assessments and certification programs.

As known innovators, we are offering a detour from tradition with a tech savvy training approach that doesn’t require the time or financial commitment of a full certification to use our tools. Our award-winning digital avatar coaching technology, CDR-U Coach, provides this opportunity.

With our Coaching with CDR Technology training workshop, we equip coaches to scale their services enterprise-wide, to their clients.

Coaching with CDR Technology workshop sessions will prepare coaches to utilize CDR-U Coach at the front end of coaching to debrief the CDR 3-D Suite to greatly enhance self-awareness of their clients. After your client(s) receives their personalized coaching debriefs, the client enters the live coaching process far more enlightened and with a clear blueprint of themselves so that they and their coach can make immediate productive strides and accelerate action plans. We have a number of coaches successfully deploying CDR-U Coach in this way with non-profit leader clients, so we wanted to extend the offer to others as an ideal way to jump start the coaching process towards improved outcomes.

Imagine being able to scale your coaching and consulting services to reach the entire organization. Not only will this significantly boost your income, our digital avatar coaching technology extends your services so that you can provide enterprise-wide coaching and talent solutions.

Every employee needs to improve their self-awareness to drive their development, performance, communications, and careers in the best direction. However, research shows that only 10% to 15% of people are actually self-aware today.

Equally important, organizations need to get a true reading on their talent so that they can make better decisions and investments.

Coaching with CDR Technology provides:

  • Individual personalized development to enhance self-awareness and action planning for each and every employee with the results of their CDR 3-D Suite Assessments for improved performance, development and retention; and,
  • Access to a complete talent inventory to know what human capabilities and bench strength the organization actually has within. Once organizations get a clear reading on capabilities, then skills development can be matched to inherent talent for greater success. Businesses obviously keep an inventory of assets. It only makes sense to keep an accurate inventory of all talent so that leaders can make better people decisions and more effective investments in development that match the actual strengths, risks and motivational needs of the employees.

What is CDR-U Coach?

CDR-U Coach is a digital avatar coaching platform that debriefs the unmatched CDR 3-D Suite, a trio of scientifically validated assessments. This is a scalable and economical coaching solution designed to reach the 80% of employees who typically do not receive this type of feedback. The CDR 3-D Suite reaches below the surface to uncover each individual’s in-depth personality strengths, risk factors, and motivation fingerprint, essential for improving performance and lifelong career success. Unlike other popular assessments, which showcase a more surface-level view of personality styles, CDR-U Coach offers a more comprehensive assessment that is completely personalized and connects results across the three modules. CDR-U Coach gives users clear and candid language, providing examples and developmental suggestions along the way. Two action planning modules are available to formulate accurate developmental plans.

The first is a Developmental Action Planning module that includes a risk analysis. The second is a Career Action Planning module which helps individuals understand their inherent personality and motivational vocational fitness. Within this module, there is also a STEM Fit Review to help users understand whether they have STEM capabilities.

CDR-U Coach is available 24/7 and is completely personalized to each individual, so no two people receive the same feedback. Talent retention is a key challenge for most organizations and studies show that offering personalized development is essential to keeping employees on board.

CDR-U Coach also provides an enterprise-wide talent solution as the data can be used, guided by a trained consultant, for succession planning, team development, custom training designs, talent capability analysis, and more. The data used by CDR-U Coach is race and gender-neutral (with no adverse impact) so it is a great tool to enhance diversity and inclusion success.

When coaches are equipped in using CDR-U Coach and the assessment results for coaching and consulting, their services (and revenue) can be greatly extended.

More About the Learning Experience

The Coaching with CDR Technology learning process begins with pre-work in advance of the virtual training sessions. Each coach participant completes the CDR 3-D Suite Assessments and has their own personalized coaching feedback from CDR-U Coach with the avatar of their choice. Then, they attend three, two-hour virtual training sessions (recorded) to learn more about the assessments, scoring implications and configurations. They will also receive and overview of how the assessment data can be used for a variety of consulting services. Upon completion, coaches will have a solid working knowledge of the assessments in order to maximize their coaching client’s developmental journeys and success.

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