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By Nancy E. Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group

Is your firm having difficulty finding the “right” candidates? You are not alone. Despite record unemployment, employers are taking months to fill job vacancies because of the lack of qualified candidates. According to the Wall Street Journal,

  • 47% of employers blame prospects’ lack of “hard” job skills or technical skills
  • 35% of companies cite candidates’ lack of experience
  • 25% of companies blame lack of business knowledge or formal qualifications
  • 52% of U.S. companies report difficulty filling jobs in general
    (Source: “Why Companies Can’t Find the Right Workers,” by Peter Cappelli, Wall Street Journal, 10/24/11)

The solution to this talent dilemma is finding* strong applicants and using an accurate method to identify the best candidates. Conventional recruiting, promotional, and screening processes are not enough. It is time to scrap these practices. This paper will focus on a proven approach to identify true talent whilst preventing imposters and misfits from being hired. [read more]