Offered By CDR Assessment Group


This scale describes one who depend on others for feedback and approval, are eager to please the boss, avoid making decisions alone, are unwilling to challenge the status quo, refuse to rock the boat, and may help others while letting their own accountabilities flounder. Pleasers in leadership roles may fail to deliver results, may lack courage, and may create a dysfunctional work environment by failure to support or go to bat for others.

Developmental Suggestions:

Pleasers ultimately hurt themselves and their own career aspirations most. They are often viewed as rather cowardly or too compliant as they may hold back with ideas or solutions in fear of making the boss or others unhappy. Also, they can be so kind that co-workers or their bosses do not know what they really think. Last, their lack of assertiveness can cause them to be passed over for promotions because they are viewed as not courageous enough. [read more]