Project Description

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By Nancy E. Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

There are eleven inherent personality-based risk factors that erode leadership performance. Most of the time, these risks go unidentified and are misunderstood by organizations. However, these personality-based risk factors provide essential insights into leader behavior by yielding reliable root cause data that is not measured by contemporary 360 feedback instruments. These well-established inherent risk factors, that can derail even the most promising careers, explain the gaps between intent and impact.

Learning Outcome Objectives:

  1. Orientation to inherent personality-based risks and to the fact that everyone has some level of these predispositions as part of “normal” personality,
  2. Learn how risk factors impact leadership performance success,
  3. Experience giving critical thought to developmental coaching tactics and feedback techniques for managing risk factors more productively, and to
  4. Gain an understanding that 360 data reveals only part of the story behind performance behaviors and results. [read more]