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By Donna Dennis, PH.D. and Maureen Pryor — C. R. Bard, Leadership & Learning Department, Murray Hill, New Jersey

Several years ago our CEO charged us with building greater leadership bench strength in the organization. While the field is seemingly rich in methodology to develop leaders, the rules of the game are changing. With traditional methods, we were not able to keep pace within our dynamic competitive environment.

Like most contemporary organizations, we were faced with shorter average tenure among our leaders and employees. Less time to prepare people for leadership has become a real business issue in today’s work environment. There simply is no time for traditional methods of development such as job rotation, executive education programs, or even 360’s to be used effectively. People enter and leave the organization on average every 2-5 years. When this short tenure is the norm, 360’s are problematic despite current popularity. As a result, by the time a manager is on-board long enough for raters to feel comfortable providing input, the manager moves on to the next job or even out of the Company.
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