By Nancy E. Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group

Gone unchecked or allowed to run amok, Risk Factors have thrown the careers of even the most prominent executives’ off track.

I recall times when people displayed their styles inventory results, like MBTI (Myers-­‐‑Briggs Type Indicator®), as a badge of honor, posting their designated letters, such as “ISTJ”, on their office doorways. Perhaps this was a good icebreaker or a light way to acknowledge one’s preferred communications style to a visitor.

With some of the deeper and more robust assessments available, this may not be the best approach. This is particularly true with the results of the CDR Risk Assessment that measures risks for derailment. Risks are not a badge of honor, but rather are areas for caution and development. This is not to suggest that one’s risks should not be shared with team members and stakeholders, just not in this posted-­‐‑on-­‐‑the-­‐‑wall way. Risks are ineffective, and in some cases, bad behaviors that we all inherently have to some degree when facing adversity or conflict. The good news is that they are also part of our normal personality. Without proper attention, however, they can lead to derailment. [read more]