New book offers Solutions to Put an End to Google’s Gender Workplace Issues

09 Aug New book offers Solutions to Put an End to Google’s Gender Workplace Issues

The Google gender dispute resulting in the firing of a software engineer this week who expressed his opposition for some of the company’s diversity and inclusion policies is unfortunate. Based on our research, detailed in my new book “Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling” and set to release on August 29, 2017, it appears that both the employee and company were both right and wrong on various aspects of this controversy.

“Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling” reveals the true reasons for the glass ceiling, and it is not what most people think. Our three-part research shows that:

  • While strengths are similar between men and women, there are inherent personality based risk factor differences between genders that manifest under stress and conflict and cause many women to pull themselves out of the running;
  • Cultural gender biases are way out of whack and are even more harsh towards women than most think; and,
  • Women who have made it as CEOs and corporate executive women’s risk factors are often more similar to the men’s risks and that is why those women have succeeded.

What is most exciting about my new book is that because we, at last, pinpoint the root causes of the gender problem, organizations can implement effective solutions to bring it down. Most current policies and training approaches have great intent, but are missing the mark.

It is disappointing that in 2017 women still face bias and are misunderstood even in progressive companies such as Google, and it is my mission to educate to eliminate unnecessary tensions and to bring down the glass ceiling swiftly.