Do you ever over-think, worry, or delay decisions? Well, no more need to fret as Nancy Parsons and Kim Brinkmeyer Ph.D., of CDR Assessment Group, continue their “Risk Factors” webinar by discussing “Worriers”.

This webinar goes into detail on the following topics:

  • Why worriers worry
  • How worriers can derail their own success
  • The cost of worrying
  • The Top 10 tactics to fret no more
  • Building your decision making skills
  • Action plans for worriers

The presentation teaches listeners to understand what causes them to worry and how to stop the vicious cycle of worrying. By the end of the discussion, listeners have insight and tactics on how to overcome the “risk” of worrying, and become more productive in the workplace.

For more information on the “Worriers” webinar, or dates of future webinars, please contact us directly.