CDR Assessment Group’s multi-rater feedback instrument, the 360° Leader Scan™ gets to the heart of what matters most about a leader’s performance. This practical tool provides essential competency-based performance data vital to equip your leaders and teams to perform beyond current expectations. The 360° Leader Scan™ is not full of fluff or watered down with neutrality or ambiguity. Additionally, our services are delivered in such a way to assure smooth implementation and to maximize participant feedback – we strive to take the administrative burden off of you.

The 360° Leader Scan™ stands ready to administer. While we do offer an array of customization services tailored to specific client needs, this robust online 360° tool is ideally designed to focus on competencies imperative for today’s leaders. In fact, you will find this exceptional tool has just the right mix of narrative and statistical data to provide straight-forward results for managers to begin developing impactful action plans.

The 360° Leader Scan™ features over 80 detailed items within 12 distinctive leader competency categories. Narrative feedback is also collected from all input providers for 15 leader performance and development perspectives.

Competency categories include

  • Adaptiveness / Dealing with Change
  • Business Strategies
  • Coaching – Developing Staff
  • Communication
  • Dealing with Stress & Adversity
  • Decisions & Courage
  • Innovation & Problem Solving Approach
  • Organizational Advocacy & Commitment
  • Performance Results
  • Personal Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Teamwork / Supportiveness to Others

Best of all, CDR handles all communications and coordination for clients. Certification is not required for coaches’. Orientation is available as needed.

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