According to Nancy Parsons, President of CDR Assessment Group
Leadership is broken. For more than a decade, studies have consistently shown that 50-75% of leaders are ineffective. Unfortunately, despite over $40 billion invested annually in leadership development initiatives, things are not getting better.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – CDR Assessment Group, Inc., provides break-through psychological and performance assessments for leader and talent development for global clients.  CDR’s experts are known for being mavericks in the leadership development field because they provide bold and unvarnished messages and solutions to clients.  According to Parsons, “we can no longer mince words or tell leaders what they want or expect to hear – we need to be truthful with accurate data to rapidly turn leadership around.”

Parsons elaborates that “while nearly everyone can describe what an effective leader should do, few people can do it well.   Doing it — performing well as a leader with consistency — goes well beyond merely talking about it or cognitively understanding what the behaviors should be.”

Parsons will explain why these systemic leadership problems exist in this web presentation scheduled for Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 1:30 ET as part of the two-day Integrated Talent Management Conference hosted by Toronto based,  More importantly, according to Parsons, she plans to share a scientifically based methodology to turn today’s negative statistics into positive performance results.   Parsons offers a caution, explaining that, “The science and tools cannot be applied in a vacuum. To turn the ROI on leadership investments into organization-wide positive results, two executive traits are needed:   courage and compassion.”


CDR Assessment Group was founded in 1998 and has more than 100 certified executive coaches and consultants supporting their global clients that are from nearly all sectors including: financial/banking, insurance, energy, manufacturing, retail, health care, pharmaceutical, chemical, distribution/sales, transportation, information technology, education/academia, tribal organizations, Federal government (including the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army and U.S. Department of the Treasury.) CDR offers the proprietary  CDR 3-D Suite which accurately measures a leader’s character traits, risk factors for derailment, and drivers and reward (motivational) needs.  The Suite is the Swiss Army Knife of talent development tools and can be used for coaching, custom training designs, strategic executive team development, succession planning, staffing decisions, and more without needing to retest., the virtual conference host, is the largest Human Resources social network and online community of HR executives with over 200,000 members. provides thousands of worldwide HR Professionals with easy access to shared knowledge on best practices, trends, and industry news. This offers the HR Professional a prime resource to develop their most important asset – their people.