We Accelerate Success.
We help clients identify and grow talent authentically so that their people can soar with their strengths, manage their risks, and do what they find most rewarding.


Gain Clarity and Self Awareness.
Our tools dig deeper and reveal insights that matter to your bottom line.

"A good hitting instructor is able to mold his teaching to the individual. If a guy stands on his head, you perfect that."
— Bill Robinson


The CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® is a robust assessment tool used to provide unique insights into one’s TRUE TALENT, revealing clear and candid insight into individual's character, risks and drivers. The CDR 3-D Suite can be used for multiple applications without retesting.

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Talent Development

Our coaches help teams and leaders produce positive results by revealing and leveraging strengths while providing people with the support needed to perform best in their roles. Our clients report shaving up to two years off the development cycle due to the accurate insights our assessments deliver from the start.

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Talent Management

We strategically improve our clients’ business value by equipping them to identify, manage, and retain the most talented employees and to place them in the jobs for which they are best-suited. By using the CDR 3-D Suite we can equip your company with a talent management strategy that will measurably enhance your bottom line.

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We are revolutionizing leadership and talent development.

To achieve this vision, our assessments provide clarity and self-awareness unlike any you may find. Adding to our unmatched customer value, our assessment results can be used for a wide range of leadership development and talent management applications without ever retesting. We are a globally recognized assessment and leadership development and talent management firm leading the way with cutting-edge tools, executive coaching, consulting, team development, research, custom leadership training and coaches’ certification services.


minutes per assessment


different languages available


hour turnaround for full reports

Why Customers Choose Us

Globally recognized.

We lead the way with revolutionary products, consulting services, research, coaching and training solutions.

Unmatched tools and services.

We provide consulting and training services that wrap around all areas of human performance and maximize the clients’ utilization of our breakthrough tools. We have a consulting and coaching team that provides services worldwide.


We provide cutting-edge leadership and human resource development products and services design with the foremost psychological insights and applied business know-how.

Flexible service to meet your unique needs.

We offer tools and services directly for client organizations, developing their internal staff to utilize our breakthrough instruments. Or, we are glad to provide the external consulting support they need. We also provide our assessment tools to external consultants and offer reseller programs.

Strategic partnerships.

We welcome opportunities to form strategic alliances, teams and partnerships with select organizations who share our values and whose services complement our own.

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