Why use CDR Assessments for Selection Screening?

It is pretty simple — if you seek to screen in the best-fit, highest performing candidates, then you need to use the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite®. Our tools separate the best-fits from the miss-fits.

Let’s face it — in today’s challenging business climate, hiring mistakes are costly. We help clients identify the best talent quickly and reduce the hefty toll of getting it wrong.

Our tools are designed and validated to predict performance and pinpoint critical personality and motivational characteristics that impact one’s ability to be successful in a specific job. Without this objective assessment information, the selection process (including in-depth targeted interviews and even test problem-solving scenarios) often falls short. Without CDR Assessments, the best intentions often reap poor results.

Interviews, performance reviews, and other similar observation selection techniques give the hiring team insight into what types of behaviors are demonstrated within a fairly controlled context. CDR Assessments provide a more authentic view of the candidate by getting past self-marketing to objectively provide the relevant information required to be successful in a given job.

Assessment Administration is EASY & FAST!

  • Processing & Scoring Results – CDR provides each candidate with login and password information to take the assessments online. We can easily and quickly coordinate large groups, as well.
  • Scoring is turned around within 24 hours and often completed in the same day. Processed client reports are emailed to the designated hiring manager or human resource representative, not the candidate.
  • Generally, each assessment questionnaire takes an applicant about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the full CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® within one hour.
  • When, Where & Who to Test — For selection, it is recommended that the tests be given onsite after pre-screening activities are completed and before in-depth interviews are conducted. This is to ensure that you are acquiring the candidate’s natural responses without input from or participation of others.

CDR Assessments are:

  • Designed to predict job performance

  • Scientifically valid for screening/selection/staffing decision making process

  • EEO safe and non-discriminatory with no adverse impact

  • Comprehensive, relevant to job requirements, and more accurate than interviews and other observable data sources

  • An objective selection and candidate screening tool that can help avoid wasting valuable time and efforts often spent on unnecessary interviews or other screening processes

  • Based on essential job specific traits and organizational requirements, values, and culture; and

  • Supported by CDR onsite experts who are available to answer clients’ questions.

Our tools are designed to pinpoint critical personality characteristics that impact one’s ability to be successful in their unique role.

Our Hiring Process Services

We provide clients with guidelines and training to get the hiring process right, by offering:

  • Hiring process design suggestions

  • Hiring Manager’s Orientation & Training

  • Extensive Interview Questions based on Candidate results

  • Sample communications for candidates

  • Complimentary candidate review

  • Consulting Services

  • Variety of Report Options & Custom Reports Available

  • Measuring ROI (utility analysis) when using CDR Assessments

  • Profile Validation, Research Studies, Custom Analysis Reports

  • Data Storage

  • Appropriate Use Guidelines & Standards for Delivery

  • Onboarding & Coaching Successful Candidates

  • Internal Coaches’ Certification