CDR’s president, Nancy Parsons, is passionate about developing women leaders and ending the glass ceiling. In fact, CDR conducted break-through research which was published in late 2017 in Nancy’s book titled “Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling”.

We offer FIVE types of developmental programs for women in leadership, all of which can be delivered in-house for clients or for associations.

  1. Keynote or Speaker Sessions – Nancy Parsons offers workshops based on the startling research findings and solutions found in “Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling.” Ideally, these keynote or breakout presentations last 1:15 hour in order to include the workshop piece for participants. Also, attendees are all provided with a copy of the book which details all the research and maps out the solutions.2-Day
  2. Workshops for Women in Leadership – This learning experience combines assessments, coaching and the workshop.
  3. Half Day Workshops for Diversity, Leadership Development & Executives to END the glass ceiling. This is a “roll up your sleeves” workshop using the book as the premise. Participants leave with action plans to move forward in their respective organizations.
  4. Train the Diversity or Women In Leadership Trainer – One day workshop plus up front coaching with the CDR 3-D Suite. This workshop prepares internal and external diversity and women in leadership experts to deliver “Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling” presentations and workshops for their own clients and organizations.
  5. Leadership Development Coaching – This can be the ideal approach to help aspiring women in leadership stay on a positive career trajectory. We begin the coaching process with the CDR 3-D Suite and then build customized coaching plans and tenure based on the needs, goals and challenges of each woman leader. We help them identify their strengths, risk factors that can derail their careers, and drivers and reward needs to help them formulate the best actions plan to help them be successful and fulfilled.