LMS Benefits

CDR Assessment Group will soon be launching an LMS system to support the learning needs of our clients, certified coaches and consultants. The benefits of this new system include:

  1. Organize CDR e-Learning content at one easy-to-access online location.
  2. Provide unlimited access, 24/7, to e-Learning materials. If an executive coach wants to review a demo coaching session or a refresher course, the coach can do so at his or her convenience or as a “just in time” review. The same applies to Leadership Risk Webinars. If a leader is struggling with their “Upstager” behaviors, they can tune in for some helpful insights and tactics to better neutralize the risk.
  3. The learner and client organization can track progress and access LMS records (as appropriate).
  4. The CDR LMS system saves learning and development costs and improves sustainability of learning. For example, the online content saves travel costs, printing, conference room rental fees, and more. In addition, this is a way for learners to reinforce and sustain the learning from the assessments and coaching feedback process.
  5. The LMS can minimize the learning and development time due to the instant access and content. Leaders and executive coaches no longer have to wait for a particular class or webinar.
  6. Provides an additional talent development benefit for organizations to extend to their employees along with a tracking system that is in conformity with federal requirements.

What Content is Available in the CDR’s LMS System?

Initially, we have several modules available for executive coaches:

  • CDR Executive Coaches’ Refresher Training (two 90 minute modules)
  • Two live coaching recordings by Nancy Parsons (total time approx. 3:00 hours)
  • Career Coaching Using CDR Assessments (ideal for Veterans career transition) (two 90 minute modules)

For Leaders Who Have Been Coached:

Risk Webinars:

  • Worry No More!
  • Are You A Change Agent or Wrecking Ball? (Rule Breaker)

For Women in Leadership (Ideal for Executives, Diversity Leaders, and Talent Development):

  • “Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling” Webinar / Workshop (1:15 Hours)

About Leadership:

“Transforming LEADOCRITY™” focuses on  the true state of leadership which needs to be turned around. You may be shocked to see the statistics and relieved to see the multiple solutions. (60 minutes)

Career Development:

This session introduces learning (and is great for veterans and students in the early side of college) how to assure that their career and education choices are on the right path. (90 Minutes)