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Would You Hire Someone Without a College Degree?


I came across this question on LinkedIn, "Would you hire someone without a college degree?" You'll find my response below. Absolutely. College degree’s are NOT the most important factor at all for performance success. In fact, we helped a client with a redeployment and boot camp initiative where individuals who passed the assessment screening were [...]

Would You Hire Someone Without a College Degree?2019-01-07T19:17:56+00:00

Choosing Assessment Tools Wisely


Personality assessment is useful for describing an individual on characteristics which can not be directly observed. Behaviors are visible to people, but the reasons behind them and the motivations for them are not observable. Psychological assessment results provide a vocabulary for describing propensities and a view of the “whys” behind the behaviors. This information sets [...]

Choosing Assessment Tools Wisely2018-12-18T17:54:37+00:00

Selection Testing and “Faking” – Is This Still Being Debated in Your Organization?


Well, it shouldn’t be. A rather seasoned debate has existed, for about fifty years now, concerning job applicants and their propensity to intentionally “fake” personality assessments used in selection screening. Many have tried to answer the question of frequency of faking. Most of the research has used either scales designed to measure response distortion embedded [...]

Selection Testing and “Faking” – Is This Still Being Debated in Your Organization?2018-12-17T21:31:57+00:00
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