Coaching the Egotist Executive


Within the first couple of minutes meeting with Bob Granelle for his executive development coaching feedback session, I felt ready to show him the door. Of course, I didn’t. I was his coach. As a senior executive, and self-proclaimed, rightful and best successor to the CEO’s chair for a global manufacturing organization, his demeanor was [...]

Coaching the Egotist Executive2019-01-08T23:01:03+00:00

Webinars to Help You Manage Your “Risk Factors”


We are happy to announce the launch of a series of twelve hard hitting and relevant webinars to help leaders and professionals identify and manage their own inherent Risk Factors more productively. The fact is that everyone has inherent “Risk Factors”, or ineffective coping strategies, that can impede performance, damage relationships, or cause even the [...]

Webinars to Help You Manage Your “Risk Factors”2019-01-08T23:19:29+00:00
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