After trying all of the best known executive development tools and training process/interventions currently available, the CDR 3-D Suite is the best way to fast forward leadership development.

— Donna Dennis, Ph.D. 
(former) Vice President, Leadership & Development,
C.R. Bard, Murray Hill, NJ

The CDR 3D Suite is my favorite “deep dive” leadership style assessment for the leaders I coach. It's my go-to assessment when clients are open for me to choose. The reasons are twofold: I genuinely like and trust the data and I genuinely like and trust the CDR folks. Nancy and her team have always been available to me and my clients, from their ability to interpret confusing results to assisting me with benchmarking a client's strengths and abilities against job profiles from their databank. They're extremely professional and a delight to work with.

— Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.
(clinical psychologist, now leadership development expert)
Managing Partner at The Levin Group LLC, Atlanta, GA

Thanks so much for your speedy and qualitative work. We had a great session and our clients highly valued the instrument, the feedback and the group report. Looking forward to more opportunities to work with you.

— Maureen Pryor
Director Talent Development Group
Pharmaceutical Company, NJ

I am hugely impressed with the output of the assessments. I have been a research psychologist, executive and consultant for the past 30 years and can honestly say that this is the most thought-provoking and insightful psychometric feedback that I've ever had. I was especially impressed by the ability of the CDR Risk Assessment to intensify fairly subtle situation issues... these are breakthrough products.

— Neville Osrin
Psychologist & Executive Coach
United Kingdom