We accurately measure your team’s capacity for success

These case studies show actual senior executive team profile data and respective business performance results. Diversity of talent at the executive level matters and can be correlated to success and failure. The CDR Character Assessment results are shown in the case studies. During the actual analysis process we also use our CDR Risk Assessment and CDR Drivers & Rewards Assessments to provide the full spectrum of performance capabilities.

Case Study | Homogeneous to a Fault

Energy Industry

This executive team is homogeneous to a fault — they were innovative, thrill seeking, energized, socially articulate, and persuasive risk takers. Notice the low Prudence scoring trends combined with the high Inquisitive scores. This is a recipe for disaster and turned out that way. There were no sufficiently strong gatekeepers to keep these mavericks in check.

Character Profile: Energy Industry Executive Team

Performance Results

Credit rating was nearly lowered to junk status by major rating agencies

Case Study | Leadership & Professional Development Assessment, Coaching, and Training

Health care Industry

SouthCentral Foundation is a Native Alaskan health care organization and has been a key client for more than 10 years. We have provided coaching, assessments, and internal coaches’ certification training and support for hundreds of primary health care providers (service pods/teams of physicians, P.A.s, nurse practitioners, nurses, schedulers dietitians, behavioral health, etc.) and leaders.

The health system experienced in Southcentral Alaska today, known as Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care, is managed by Alaska Native people for Alaska Native people. We train, support, and augment the SCF internal coaching team to coach primary care providers throughout Alaska.

Case Study | Authentic Leadership & Coaching

Chemical Manufacturing Industry

We developed a custom “Authentic Leadership Development” program for 140 top global executives at the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company. We provided the CDR 3-D Suite for all leader participants, conducted individual coaching, and then designed and facilitated a custom two-day highly experiential workshop based on the participants’ CDR results and key business performance objectives. Follow up coaching to support action plan development for sustainability was provided.

We provided a custom “Authentic Leadership Development” program for 72 top executives and leaders at Americas Styrenics with the same process as noted above. Americas Styrenics is a joint venture, operated by CP Chem.

Case Study | Finding Hidden Talent

Energy Industry

Most mid to large sized organizations have an abundance of talent. Unfortunately, much of this talent is hidden and never identified or developed. We embarked on a project to identify hidden talent for an energy company. Our success in finding those who could be “transformed” IT analysts with boot camp training was 100%. We identified the new talent using our CDR 3-D Suite Assessment measures. Previous to this re-deployment project, these individuals were secretaries, hourly technicians, and the like. Their careers and lives were transformed. The business invested wisely in loyal employees they already had who knew the business, the customers, and the industry. This was a win-win all around.

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