Character Assessment


The Leadership Character Assessment reveals a verbal portrait of an individual’s personality or unique “character” distinctions. This robust, insightful report includes 7 primary scales and 42 subscales, all of which are occupationally normed. In brief, each report explains the extent to which an individual tends to be:

  • Self assured, steady under pressure, relaxed vs. Self-evaluative, edgy, intense performer
  • Take charge, upward mobility driven vs. An individual contributor, modest
  • Extraverted, socially energized vs. Socially remote, reserved, an avid listener
  • Warm, caring, sensitive to other’s needs vs. Task focused, hard-nosed, direct
  • Dependable, self-controlled, conscientious vs. Risk taking, adaptable, not detailed
  • Adventurous, curious, imaginative vs. Practical, process focused, methodical
  • Academically inclined, achievement driven vs. Content learning with “hands on” approach

The Leadership Character Assessment provides a detailed, meaningful look at each individual’s unique “subscale” variations, and provides valuable performance behavior feedback not available elsewhere.

Leadership Energy0%
Interpersonal Sensitivity0%
Learning Approach0%