The online 360° Leader Scan™ is a multi-rater feedback tool that allows those impacted by a leader’s performance to provide candid, relevant feedback. With this robust tool, leaders get a reading on how their performance, behaviors, and communication affects others. The 360° Leader Scan™:

  • Gets straight to essential perspectives about a leader’s performance

  • Is not full of fluff or watered-down with neutrality or ambiguity

  • Has just the right mix of narrative feedback and statistical data

  • Contains detailed items within 14 distinct leader competency categories (with about 80 items)

  • Collects narrative feedback on each competency to improve leader clarity

  • Succinctly links to the CDR 3-D Suite information (Character, Risk Factors and Drivers & Rewards)

  • Is a must have tool for action planning and leadership development

We take care of all administrative matters and communications, making implementation easy for clients. This tool is designed to clearly link to the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® feedback. Plus, CDR’s team of technical experts, administrative support, and executive coaches are standing by to answer questions as they arise. Certification to debrief this tool is not required, though we do offer orientation and training support as needed.

Customization and special reports are available.