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Leadership development without the spin.

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What we do...

We provide break-through assessments and services for talent management and leadership development for global clients.

What differentiates us?

  • Unmatched Accuracy and Scope of Assessments - Break-through Tools - The rare blend of futuristic thinking, practical problem solving, and highly specialized technical know-how of CDR's professional team combine to bring
    you the

  • Accelerated Results – Clients report shaving up to 2 years off of the development cycle time.

  • Value – CDR 3D Suite results can be used for multiple talent management initiatives WITHOUT having to retest: team development, coaching, selection screening, succession planning, values analysis, and more.

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching Approach – we provide results in the first session which takes most coaches months or years to get to – if ever! We provide unvarnished results and feedback so that leaders and professionals can hit the ground running.

  • Know How and Creative Solutions Leading the Way:

    • Selection Screening & Hiring Process Support
    • Strategic Executive Team Development
    • Succession Planning
    • Leadership Capability & Culture Analysis
    • Authentic Leadership Workshops – a multi-faced customized approach to leadership development integrating assessment, coaching, experiential learning, and action planning
    • Succession Planning & Strategic Talent Selection
    • Diverse Leadership Competency Model design
    • Training Programs for Leaders & Executive Coaches to Maximize ROI using CDR Assessments

  • Boutique-like Client Services and Custom Solutions - clients interact directly with experts, not with account or sales representatives.

  • Client Successes – we have successful coaching and consulting engagements utilizing CDR Assessments with global clients in all sectors including: financial, insurance, energy, manufacturing, retail, health care, pharmaceutical, distribution/sales, transportation, information technology, chemical, education/academia, tribal organizations, federal government, including the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army.

  • Our Experts – certified executive coaches, trainers, consultants, instructional designers, and scientific research team are among the best in the world!

  • Our Integrity and Values – we are committed to serving clients and colleagues by building trusting relationships, providing exceptional service, offering candid and straightforward support. Clients can count on our words and deeds.