Recognize unique traits
that create winning formulas.
Bring out the best –
Identify one’s true gifts, capabilities, risks and needs.
Accelerate Success.
Produce results with the first coaching session.

We are revolutionizing leadership and talent development.

To achieve this vision, our assessments provide clarity and self-awareness unlike any you may find. Adding to our unmatched customer value, our assessment results can be used for a wide range talent development and management applications without retesting.

We are a globally recognized assessment and leadership development and talent management firm leading the way with cutting-edge tools, executive coaching, consulting, research, custom leadership training and coaches’ certification services.


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Women Owned Certified & Hubzone Entity CDR Assessment Group, Inc. was formed in 1998 and is a SBA certified HUBZone and WOSB entity and is a WBENC nationally certified women owned and operated Oklahoma based corporation and affiliated with WBCS (Women's Business Council Southwest.)